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BY Kalinosi Mutale

Joseph Chinunga



(in collaboration with CentrumCentrum from Poland)
A collaboration takes a form of a game. First the artists from MAS would send a photo documentation of the collaborative installation to the group gathered at CentrumCentrum, which then would respond with theirs installation. And then the photo documentation would be sent to MAS, and they would transform the previous installation/sculpture or create a new one. And so on. This ping-pong dialogue can last a month or a couple of years.

1. Munandi Art Studio
(artists : 
Chama Kabumbu, Joseph S. Chinunga, Danny Lwando, Kalinosi V. Mutale)

notes : A giant metal structure that had been built to be used as a construction for a Christmas tree at a shopping mall in Lusaka is restored and team starts covering it with car tyres.

2. CentrumCentrum (30.06.2018)
(artists : Karolina Babińska, Łukasz Jastrubczak, Natalia Laskowska, Małgorzata Mazur, Monika Olszewska, Rafał Pietrowicz, Alicja Pliszka, Artur Rozen, Iga Świeściak, Zorka Wollny)

notes : Raising a geodesic dome structure (also recycled from an art piece created by a student at the Academy of Art) 130 cm above the ground. 

3. Munandi Art Studio
(artists : Chama Kabumbu, Joseph S. Chinunga, Danny Lwando, Kalinosi V. Mutale)

notes : Construction is almost completely covered with car tyres.

4. CentrumCentrum (4.11.2018)
(artists: Karolina Babińska,
Łukasz Jastrubczak, Bogna Juchnowicz, Andrzej Mara, Monika Olszewska, Artur Rozen)

notes : Black foil bags are attached to the construction in order to collect water and snow. Eventually collected water in the foil bags and the central drum create sound.

5. Munandi Art Studio

installation is purposely set on fire by strangers.

6. CentrumCentrum

Installation is knocked down by a wind.