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Przemysław Jasielski (POLAND)

Norio Ishiwata (JAPAN)

Morgan Cowles (USA)

Emmanual Chalwe


Munandi Art Studio offers a two weeks minimum, up to 3 months maximum, art residency to upcoming and professional artists. Mostly artists working in contemporary art who want to experiment, research, investigate and study. We have a big space for those artists who have big projects for experiment, architecture and other projects which need big space. We have a mini library for artists who want to research about contemporary art.

And every year we organize a one month art residency to local artists, it’s by invitation about 15 artists take part. During the residency a two weeks workshop is organized and it’s called Harvesting workshop, this is to encourage local artists to work in collaboration unlike the culture of working in isolation. Just to orient them to realize contemporary ideas together.

How to apply

Applications can be sent to the following emails 


in the applications artists can indicate their intentions and what they want to do at MAS. About 5 images of their works should be attached to the applications.

Once accepted to do a residency at MAS artists must send their portraits to the above mentions email addresses. It’s just one of the requirements so that we have a clear picture of the persons we dealing with.


Munandi Art Studio does not offer grants.

Because it does not receive any grants to help artists in finances. Artists are encouraged to source for grants somewhere else.

Services provided to the Artists free by MAS

Artists are provided with a bed space and a working studio.

Fees to be paid by artists to MAS

A fee of $250 has to be paid to Munandi Art Studio for electricity, water, toiletries and maintenance. Also to those artists who would like to be using a bicycle around, there is an additional fee of $40 per month and $20 per two weeks. Transport around by car can be organized by MAS on arrangement.

Study trips/Excursions

MAS do sometimes organize one or two study trips/excursions within Lusaka and on the outskirts of Lusaka. We also organize study trips away from Lusaka, depending on the availabilities of finances.

Dead line

Applications can be sent throughout the year, there is no dead line. And it’s open all year around.


After the residency Artists have been encouraged to give presentations about their works and their experience at Munandi Art Studio.